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Letter for Iraq

Arabic Chaldean Hispanic Organization (ACHO) 

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H. RES. 1725 Bill

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In the name of
God the Merciful

For Victims of War
and Poverty

Miracle of Healing

NOOIC Respectfully
Plead & Request for
Everyone to Petition
Secretary Clinton to
Protect Iraqi Christians:

Force an End of ALL
Targeting and Killing
of Iraqi Christians inside
War Zone Iraq

Tahrir Kalasho Contact
and Complaints to U.S.
Senator Carl Levin,&
U.S. Senator
Debbie Stabenow
see Response

Arab Christians call for canonization of
Christians slain in Iraq, November 22, 2010.   

NOOIC Agrees,
Endorses & Stands
with the Protect the
Iraqi Christian People
Petition to United

Rep. Candice S. Miller Responding to Mr Tahrir Kalasho's message

"European Parliament
joins the condemnation
of the massacre of
Christian Catholic
Church, Baghdad Iraq"

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CEO/Founder to Donate 50%

Tahrir Kalasho CEO/Founder

  Letter for Iraq’s indigenous Christian Assyrians

Order Denying Defendant's Motion to Strike

"Comments from Tahrir Kalasho"
I believe, its INHUMANE If Christians of Iraq do NOT Receive Safe Haven from America, and other World Leaders Countries such as Russia, U.K., France, Germany etc. with the agreement of Strong Arab Countries (i.e.,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, etc.), even Non Arab Countries Like Turkey, Pakistan, Iran etc.

Otherwise, I strongly suggest that ALL the Christians inside Iraq must leave Iraq, save passage out of Iraq, establish Unity & strength in Europe and in USA, to come & return with a powerful Force to protect themselves, since they are left Hopeless without the ability to protect themselves, and the facts are the current Iraqi Government being involved in Terror, recruits Terrorists etc. are unable to protect the Iraqi Christians.

Its like a Massacre and talks among the Iraqi Extremist within the Iraqi Government inside Iraq, is to do Reincarnation of the Genocide of Iraqi Christian see Assyrian Genocide Documentary Part 1 Please support & Register make your voice heard in U.S. Government, go to link below: Thank you.

Please send this electronic letter to President Obama and Congress: US Needs to Act to Stop Ethnic Cleansing

of Assyrians from Iraq

go to:

Please talk to your family and friends and ask them to get involved and sign on to this letter-writing campaign.


Upon Every Successful Closure between Liberty for Trading Agencies Inc. (LFTA) as a legal mandate for OOO Integral

That NOOIC will proudly receive up to 33% of the total Net, that LFTA would ultimately receive from its Commission in sale purchase orders to be donated for the causes, purposes, as being described in the Primary and Ultimate Objectives of the distribution of funds see

The CEO/Founder of National Organization of Iraqi Christians (NOOIC) will donate 50% of All Compensation proceeds resulting from the Civil Suit Against  Republic of Iraq to the causes as described in the NOOIC'S OBJECTIVE & DISTRIBUTION OF ITS FUNDS Etc. see More
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